Zupełnie mi umknął fakt premiery teledysku do Wield Lightninig to Split the Sun Irlandczyków z Primordial. Niniejszym nadrabiam tę zaległość i głośno informuję, że takowe wideo dostępne jest od 4 maja na oficjalnym kanale Metal Blade. A poniżej „przeklejka”.

Who would pray to anything but the mountain
And wish for anything but lightening to split the night
Who would praise anything but the sun above
That brings each dawn and our radiant day

What man places faith in his heart
Above the animal that rages deep inside
What man asks forgiveness yet
Lies to himself his whole life

Let the animal hunt on the mountainside
And let lightening split my heart in two
Let me howl at the moon with desire
And stretch my arms wide to embrace the sun
Return to the earth that bore me
For there is nothing more